Interactive Videos


Join us for a walk outdoors in nature (teva)! Ask a grownup to join you, get a bag or basket and let's go outside together!

Shabbat Sha’Baking Passover Chocolate Chip Mandel Bread Prepare for Passover by baking this delicious dessert! Gather your ingredients and bake alongside us.

More activities to enjoy at home


What is Lag Baomer?

Why do we build campfires and do archery? Find out the story behind this holiday and its fun customs (click the Image to reveal the story)

Friendship Books

Looking for good books to read with your children about the value of friendship? Check out this list from our partners over at PJ Library (click the image to see this extensive list)

Fun and Games

Pull out one of these back pocket games anytime your kids could use a little something to do. You will all end up smiling . (click the image to see the list of games)