Our Story

The Journey from Dream to Reality


Innovative Concept

As a Jewish educator, I have always focused on building positive memories and helping people find their own paths in their Jewish journeys. LEV came from that passion. How fitting to use the model of children’s museums, incorporate Jewish learning and form it within something as accessible as a traveling venue.

Market Research

Forming an idea into a reality is only feasible if it meets market demands and customer interest. The concept of LEV has gone through many iterations as we learn more about the needs of our communities and the world around us. As LEV shifts and pivots, what holds strong is our mission. Our how may fluctuate; our why remains steadfast.

Becoming Established

In December of 2018, we received our 501c3 status and our startup was born! During our first year, we spent a great deal of time exposing our name and mission to the community, running programs and networking. In December of 2019, we built our first tiny home and began concept testing with this pilot unit. When the pandemic hit, we kicked into overdrive to continue meeting the changing needs of our Jewish community locally and globally. Many now know LEV’s name as synonymous with quality, hands-on Jewish engagement and we are becoming an established entity.

LEV Children’s Museum’s Theory of Change Model


“What we learn with pleasure we never forget.” – Alfred Mercier


So many of us grew up thinking learning had to be hard and boring. We know better now! The more a child connects with what they are experiencing, the more long-lasting the impact will be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a non-profit?
Is LEV only for Jewish kids? Is it a religious institution?
Is there a way to become a member of the museum?
Can you run a program with my synagogue?
How did you come up with this concept?
Is LEV accessible to children with special needs?
What ages are your programs and the museum geared toward?
How can I visit the museum?