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Infuse our kits and programs into your community; bring our mobile museum to your school; utilize our professional development to weave in our play-based approach. Help us strengthen one another. 


Planning a family day and need a fun activity? Looking to spice up one of the holidays? These unique kits allow learners to dig in the sand and discover Israeli history, create collages out of the tasty fruits for Tu B’Shevat, design Jewish heroes out of wiki stix and create ritual objects from common materials. Contact us about shipping kits to each of your students and sending you an accompanying program to explore the activities together. Kits are tailored to your goals and learners.

Professional Development

Searching for an interactive workshop for your staff? Looking to offer a fun and meaningful parent session? Let us help you discover the impact of play-based Judaism for yourselves so you can bring these engaging experiences directly to your children. Learners love our play-based, multi-sensory model of learning and engagement and you can put it into practice with a little guidance! Book us for dynamic, interactive workshops for educators or parents. 

Are you in the South FL area? Looking for an on-site field trip? Book our tiny museum to visit your community! Children and their grownups alike can climb aboard to venture through exhibits like Bubbe’s kitchen, a magnet map of Israel and dress-up. Explore the aleph-bet and upcoming holidays through our play-based exhibits. Field trips made easy - we bring the fun to your door!

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