LEV Children’s Museum

Sponsorship Naming Opportunities

$100,000    HomeSponsor a unique, exciting tiny home on wheels, customized into a mobile children’s museum. Support this structure that will bring hands-on learning and play to our children in a novel, tantalizing way.

$36,000   [NAMED] Reading LoftSponsor this cozy, inviting space in a second story nook of the home. The loft will be filled with welcoming and comfortable furniture, age-appropriate books and materials, natural lighting, and more.

$36,000   [NAMED] Jewish Culture Crafts and Games LoftSponsor this second-story space filled with artistic, sensory, exploratory opportunities where children can create and play, utilizing their imaginations and ingenuity.

$18,000   [N/A]  Interactive MapSponsor this high-tech, educational, interactive map of the world. Touch a country and activate a visual representation of the population of Jews living in that area.

$18,000    Animated Motion Station Sponsor this engaging, technological, innovative motion picture activity. Torah stories come to life: children can design their own videos using props, the technological tools of today, and their imagination.

$18,000    Bubbe’s Kitchen Sponsor this imaginative, culture-filled kitchen exhibit. Children can create holiday meals at the family table, complete with ritual objects and traditional foods.

$18,000    [N/A] Music to My EarsSponsor this melodic, enticing, fun life-size piano. Light-up keys will allow children to step along as the piano plays their own songs and to follow the light up keys that make up popular Jewish/Israeli songs.

$10,000    [NAMED] Face-to-Face ConnectionSponsor this International partnership, child-centered iPad station, where visiting children can learn about real people in Israel. Teenagers and children in Broward and in our sister city, Nesher, will work together to record questions and answers about who they are: their likes, their cities, their favorite foods, and more. Children will have the opportunity to learn all about, and from, Jews in Israel through this virtual interaction. They will then have the chance, on a second iPad, to record who they are and save those recordings to share with visitors following them.

$10,000    [NAMED]  Dress-up AreaSponsor this entertaining, creative dress-up alcove, complete with mirrors and more. The loft will be outfitted with period costumes from various countries and times in Jewish history to highlight cultural experience through dramatic play.  


***For all naming sponsorship gifts, your name will be prominently displayed on a beautifully created plaque and will be advertised on marketing materials. ***