Hands on Minds on Hearts open

Hands on  Minds on  Hearts open

“Children are the messages we send to generations that we will never see”
Dolores Kohl


Happy Chanukah!!!

Welcome to LEV Children’s Museum, South Florida’s first ever mobile Jewish children’s museum!

Today more than ever, the Jewish people, and those amongst whom we live, need more togetherness, collaboration, joy, excitement, learning and empathy. One answer to this myriad of needs is a museum made up of a caravan of mobile units, carrying within them gems of Jewish culture, capable of bringing their heart to anyone, anywhere.

Picture an innovative venue for learning and wonder where families from all segments of the community come together to explore Jewish culture and heritage in a stimulating and interactive environment.

Built within portable tiny homes, each filled with exhibits centered on play and learning, children climb aboard, and their adventures begin. Creating movies of their favorite Bible stories using props and the wonders of technology; transforming themselves into Jews of Eastern Europe in the dress-up loft; producing the newest Jewish rock song on a light-up life-size piano; discovering Bubbe’s kitchen and making a holiday meal to set on the Shabbat table.

Each participant finds their portal to build Jewish memories and identity through laughter and play.

At LEV Children’s Museum we make connections: for those who are already engaged, those who are seeking engagement, and those who do not yet know their place. For those within the Jewish community, across communities and spanning the generations, a home is found in this travelling little house. Figuratively and literally, we meet our families where they are and guide them a step further.

Traversing the South Florida area, collaborating with institutions and organizations, as well as standing on our own, each home proudly dons a beautiful Mezuzah and bright colors, wearing their Jewish identity proudly.

We are 1/3 of the way to raising the funds to begin construction on our first (of many) tiny homes! Join us in building the future of Judaism. Any amount helps (donate here).

We cannot wait to become a part of your neighborhoods, lives, and hearts!!!