The Tiny Home is Here!

Hands-on Minds on Hearts open


LEV’s first tiny home is HERE!!!

With Chanukah arriving soon, this is a perfect time of year to dedicate this milestone and rededicate ourselves to enhancing Jewish engagement and education for our community.

Like all of us, this home will constantly be evolving and enhancing itself. In the coming months, we will be installing our Face-to-Face Connection exhibit, dedicating the unit with a special mezuzah, attaching our Friends of the Museum and Partnership Institution tiles, highlighting our child founders’ names, and more!

That being said, LEV’s lights are on and the door is open… look out for where we’ll be in the community so you can climb aboard for special sneak peeks! Better yet, contact us so we can drive up to where you are!

Check out our continued progress and exciting photos of what might is inside on our Facebook Page.

#LearnEngageVenture with us!

Reflections and Updates

Hands-on Minds on Hearts open
“The key to turning dreams into reality is action.”

-Jim Rohn

LEV has now been in existence, making a name around the community, for almost a year. We
have traveled around with unique activities to help children learn, engage and venture into Jewish
exploration. It is time that we now launch forward!

We have secured enough seed money that LEV’s first home is under construction and will be
hitting the road soon!!! We are so grateful to our village of believers who have helped get us to this
point and we cannot wait to bring LEV’s first home to you.

Check out the construction progress and exciting sneak peeks of what might be inside on our
Facebook Page. #LearnEngageVenture with us!

New Year, New Post

Hands on Minds on Hearts open

We are approaching the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana. This is a time of reflection, renewal, and commitment. It is a time to process who we are and how true we are to ourselves. It is an opportunity to recalibrate where needed and to refocus energy in the right directions.

Dreams are hard. They require passion, vision, dedication, hard work, and determination. Moving forward isn’t always easy. When you believe in your dream, when your dream is a goal, you keep going.

That is my commitment this Rosh Hashana. LEV is my dream; it is my goal; and I rededicate myself to its success everyday!

Please join me in helping make this dream a reality! Watch the video to hear about our what and why.

#LearnEngageVenture with us!

Part of the Story

Hands on, Minds on, Hearts open
“Think and wonder. Wonder and think.”
-Dr. Seuss

I just returned from three weeks away from home; weeks that were filled with learning, experiencing, connecting, thinking and wondering. I spent two weeks in Manhattan, taking classes for my master’s program and then spent one week at a beautiful Jewish sleepaway camp. In both places, I was enriched by people, by concepts, and by the community. I returned home reinvigorated and even more committed to the mission of LEV. People want to explore; they want to engage; they want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

In one of the articles I read for class, Dr. Bill Robinson wrote, “There are many stories of the Jewish people… as educators, our job is to invite our learners to add their voices, to re-tell the stories of the Jewish people… to help our learners discover themselves already a part of the never-ending story.” The majority of Jewish Americans report that they are proud to be Jewish; yet, so many are disengaged. We must engage them. Each and every Jewish person is a part of the Jewish people and our role is to help them find their connection.

At LEV Children’s Museum, we seek to serve as a vehicle to Jewish engagement. #LearnEngageVenture with us!

Happy Adar! March update

Hands on Minds onHearts open

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”-Yoko Ono

We are currently in the month of March and the month of Adar Bet (the second Adar, which comes around only on Hebrew calendar leap years).

Adar is full of joy… we will soon celebrate the holiday of Purim, filled with delicious hamantaschen, silly costumes, and the mitzvah of packaging and delivering mishloach manot (“the sending of portions”), gift baskets.

The best part of Jewish holidays is sharing them with community. Be it laughing at a carnival, shaking your gragger, watching a funny spiel, hearing the megillah being read… all of it is more joyous when we have people with us.

Much like holidays, dreams turn into joyous reality through togetherness and community.

LEV Children’s Museum is more than a dream… it is a goal and goals are reachable realities! Be a part of our success; join the effort to bring this innovation to our community

Contact us today about a naming sponsorship, hosting a home fundraiser, becoming a Friend of the Museum, or more!

Happy Adar!!!

Welcome to 2019

Hands on Minds on Hearts open

“Nachshon’s gift was the ability not only to see the possibility of the moment, but to believe in it strongly enough to be willing to risk wading into the water.”

Rabbi Adam Greenwald

Welcome to 2019! A new year ushers in endless opportunities for new beginnings.

At LEV Children’s Museum, we are grabbing hold of opportunity and are ready for growth and development!

Nachshon, from the tribe of Judah, is known for stepping into the waters of the roaring Sea of Reeds before it split apart. The Talmud tells us that Nachshon was the brave soul who waded into the water… to his knees, his waist, his neck… and just as the water was about to enter his nostrils, the sea split in half. Through Nachshon’s bravery, we learn that liberation comes to the courageous.

Next week, I am attending the ARJE (Association of Reform Jewish Educators) Conference in DC. The theme this year is The Nachshon Effct: Facing the Sea of Change. It is clear how greatly the Jewish landscape is changing all over the country. As Jewish professionals, we need to meet the challenge and rise to the change.  We need to grab onto our inner Nachshon and believe deeply enough in something to risk wading into the water.

I am in! And I hope you are ready to join me on this great adventure!

Come meet me and spend time digging and discovering with LEV at the Community Tu B’shvat event at TY Park on January 27th. I can’t wait to see you there!

Just recently, we received our 501C3 approval and are now approximately 1/2 of the way to raising the funds to begin construction on our first (of many) tiny homes! Join us in building the future of Judaism. Any amount helps (donate here).

Look deep within you to find your own inner Nachshon and be the change you wish to see – you can do it!!!

Hands on Minds on Hearts open

Hands on  Minds on  Hearts open

“Children are the messages we send to generations that we will never see”
Dolores Kohl


Happy Chanukah!!!

Welcome to LEV Children’s Museum, South Florida’s first ever mobile Jewish children’s museum!

Today more than ever, the Jewish people, and those amongst whom we live, need more togetherness, collaboration, joy, excitement, learning and empathy. One answer to this myriad of needs is a museum made up of a caravan of mobile units, carrying within them gems of Jewish culture, capable of bringing their heart to anyone, anywhere.

Picture an innovative venue for learning and wonder where families from all segments of the community come together to explore Jewish culture and heritage in a stimulating and interactive environment.

Built within portable tiny homes, each filled with exhibits centered on play and learning, children climb aboard, and their adventures begin. Creating movies of their favorite Bible stories using props and the wonders of technology; transforming themselves into Jews of Eastern Europe in the dress-up loft; producing the newest Jewish rock song on a light-up life-size piano; discovering Bubbe’s kitchen and making a holiday meal to set on the Shabbat table.

Each participant finds their portal to build Jewish memories and identity through laughter and play.

At LEV Children’s Museum we make connections: for those who are already engaged, those who are seeking engagement, and those who do not yet know their place. For those within the Jewish community, across communities and spanning the generations, a home is found in this travelling little house. Figuratively and literally, we meet our families where they are and guide them a step further.

Traversing the South Florida area, collaborating with institutions and organizations, as well as standing on our own, each home proudly dons a beautiful Mezuzah and bright colors, wearing their Jewish identity proudly.

We are 1/3 of the way to raising the funds to begin construction on our first (of many) tiny homes! Join us in building the future of Judaism. Any amount helps (donate here).

We cannot wait to become a part of your neighborhoods, lives, and hearts!!!