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The Tiny Home is Here!

Hands-on Minds on Hearts open   LEV’s first tiny home is HERE!!! With Chanukah arriving soon, this is a perfect time of year to dedicate this milestone and rededicate ourselves to enhancing Jewish engagement and education for our community. Like all of us, this home will constantly be evolving and enhancing itself. In the coming […]

Reflections and Updates

Hands-on Minds on Hearts open “The key to turning dreams into reality is action.” -Jim Rohn LEV has now been in existence, making a name around the community, for almost a year. We have traveled around with unique activities to help children learn, engage and venture into Jewish exploration. It is time that we now […]

New Year, New Post

Hands on Minds on Hearts open We are approaching the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana. This is a time of reflection, renewal, and commitment. It is a time to process who we are and how true we are to ourselves. It is an opportunity to recalibrate where needed and to refocus energy in the right […]

Part of the Story

Hands on, Minds on, Hearts open “Think and wonder. Wonder and think.” -Dr. Seuss I just returned from three weeks away from home; weeks that were filled with learning, experiencing, connecting, thinking and wondering. I spent two weeks in Manhattan, taking classes for my master’s program and then spent one week at a beautiful Jewish […]

Happy Adar! March update

Hands on Minds onHearts open “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”-Yoko Ono We are currently in the month of March and the month of Adar Bet (the second Adar, which comes around only on Hebrew calendar leap years). Adar is full of joy… we will […]

Welcome to 2019

Hands on Minds on Hearts open “Nachshon’s gift was the ability not only to see the possibility of the moment, but to believe in it strongly enough to be willing to risk wading into the water.” –Rabbi Adam Greenwald Welcome to 2019! A new year ushers in endless opportunities for new beginnings. At LEV Children’s […]