Part of the Story

Hands on, Minds on, Hearts open
“Think and wonder. Wonder and think.”
-Dr. Seuss

I just returned from three weeks away from home; weeks that were filled with learning, experiencing, connecting, thinking and wondering. I spent two weeks in Manhattan, taking classes for my master’s program and then spent one week at a beautiful Jewish sleepaway camp. In both places, I was enriched by people, by concepts, and by the community. I returned home reinvigorated and even more committed to the mission of LEV. People want to explore; they want to engage; they want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

In one of the articles I read for class, Dr. Bill Robinson wrote, “There are many stories of the Jewish people… as educators, our job is to invite our learners to add their voices, to re-tell the stories of the Jewish people… to help our learners discover themselves already a part of the never-ending story.” The majority of Jewish Americans report that they are proud to be Jewish; yet, so many are disengaged. We must engage them. Each and every Jewish person is a part of the Jewish people and our role is to help them find their connection.

At LEV Children’s Museum, we seek to serve as a vehicle to Jewish engagement. #LearnEngageVenture with us!