The Tiny Home is Here!

Hands-on Minds on Hearts open


LEV’s first tiny home is HERE!!!

With Chanukah arriving soon, this is a perfect time of year to dedicate this milestone and rededicate ourselves to enhancing Jewish engagement and education for our community.

Like all of us, this home will constantly be evolving and enhancing itself. In the coming months, we will be installing our Face-to-Face Connection exhibit, dedicating the unit with a special mezuzah, attaching our Friends of the Museum and Partnership Institution tiles, highlighting our child founders’ names, and more!

That being said, LEV’s lights are on and the door is open… look out for where we’ll be in the community so you can climb aboard for special sneak peeks! Better yet, contact us so we can drive up to where you are!

Check out our continued progress and exciting photos of what might is inside on our Facebook Page.

#LearnEngageVenture with us!