Happy Adar! March update

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“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”-Yoko Ono

We are currently in the month of March and the month of Adar Bet (the second Adar, which comes around only on Hebrew calendar leap years).

Adar is full of joy… we will soon celebrate the holiday of Purim, filled with delicious hamantaschen, silly costumes, and the mitzvah of packaging and delivering mishloach manot (“the sending of portions”), gift baskets.

The best part of Jewish holidays is sharing them with community. Be it laughing at a carnival, shaking your gragger, watching a funny spiel, hearing the megillah being read… all of it is more joyous when we have people with us.

Much like holidays, dreams turn into joyous reality through togetherness and community.

LEV Children’s Museum is more than a dream… it is a goal and goals are reachable realities! Be a part of our success; join the effort to bring this innovation to our community

Contact us today about a naming sponsorship, hosting a home fundraiser, becoming a Friend of the Museum, or more!

Happy Adar!!!